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                    Massage Therapy

                                            Healing Touch

                        Linda Suedkamp, LMT



After nearly 30 years in the business world I felt compelled to do something different with my life.  But I had no clue what that might be.  My long-time interest in metaphysics eventually led to training in "Healing Touch", an alternative healing modality that balances and aligns the human energy field.  Shortly thereafter I met a massage therapist.  That was my "AHA moment".  The combination of massage and energy work was the absolutely perfect solution.  

Each day I am amazed, all over again, by the relationship between our body and our mind and our spirit.  C.S. Lewis put it this way: "You do not have a soul.  You are a Soul.  You have a body."

My passion is helping us achieve health and wellbeing through greater awareness and appreciation of our energetic and physical bodies.

People often ask what type of massage I do.  Each session is unique and personal to you.  Typically a session includes a combination of several styles, tailored your individual needs with special attention to areas of concern.  I see each person in a holistic way.  My touch is respectful, sensitive, and nurturing.

Before we begin, we talk about your needs and concerns.  Then I create a session which respects your comfort level.  Layer by layer, I work with your body to erase patterns of stress, tension and discomfort.  The end result is to guide you to a place where you can realize the greatest healing.

Massage is an experience for all the senses.  All sessions include soothing music, soft lighting, heated massage table.  Always remember your comfort both physical and emotional are my top priority.

A 2004 graduate of the Cincinnati School of Medical Massage, I am licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board (33-014172S) and the Florida State Department of Health (MA78841). I have performed therapeutic massage in several chiropractic offices, the University of Cincinnati Rec Center and The Alliance Institute for Integrative Medicine.  In 2006 I opened my own practice - "Get In Touch" - serving the greater Cincinnati, Ohio area for nine years. In early 2015 I relocated to Florida and am now excited about providing The Villages with in-home massage therapy.

I look forward to sharing the many benefits of Professional Massage Therapy with you!