Get In Touch


                   Massage Therapy

                                            Healing Touch


                       Linda Suedkamp, LMT

Welcome to Get In Touch with Wellbeing!

   Do you want to feel ease and comfort in your body?


   Would you like to feel clarity and quiet in your mind?


 How would you like to experience peace and serenity in your spirit?



I am Linda Suedkamp, Licensed Massage Therapist  and Healing Touch Energy Practitioner. My business, Get In Touch, was established to help you do just that. I wanted to create a warm inviting place, a safe haven, a sacred space for you to "get in touch with your wellbeing".



Using Massage and Healing Touch therapies we will be partners in relieving your stress, tension, anxiety and discomfort.  Together we will remember and experience again physical ease and comfort, mental clarity and tranquility, spiritual peace and serenity.


Never doubt the power of caring touch!